The Cake Shop of Amman – Jordon 

I was immensely jet-lagged and slept the entire day at my hotel. After enjoying a meal of chicken and rice, I went back to sleep again. I was so jet lagged that I had no energy to go sightseeing in the morning and decided to give it a miss; my taxi driver had been waiting all morning and had to return from the hotel as I asked him to come the next day. 

In the evening, I managed to get myself back on my feet and decided to walk around Amman’s busy streets. I ventured into a sweet shop selling local sweets and managed to chat with a few locals, trying to learn some words from the Arabic language. The city is frigid, with temperatures falling below three degrees. I walked across the street and the city alleys and found a beautiful cake shop. This was a perfect place to enjoy coffee and cookies. I was welcomed by the shop owners and given some cookies on the house, along with a pot of black coffee. I chatted with the owners and showed them some of my YouTube videos of films I had done with Shah Rukh Khan. The locals were delighted. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are the most popular actors in this country. They are also big fans of Amitabh Bachchan; I showed the cake shop owner, Karim, some of my videos from the film Rann, where I acted with Amitabh Bachchan. They were delighted and became friendly with me. 

My first impression of the city was very positive. The people are really very friendly. From the airport to the hotel, I felt very welcomed . 

I will be exploring the city’s many sights tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the pictures from the day.