The last few days here at Madagascar have been me sitting in the back of the car and Londry, my driver aide de camp driving through

the dusty meandering roads going though lush green farm land interspersed with lakes and canals. The arteries of this great land of Madagascar.

The sky took on crazy hues of purple and pink in the evening as the sunset approached and at times it burnt bright like a forest fire.

We blazed through small villages and towns. The village typically comprised of hut’s a open market , with kid’s playing on the filed and farmers taking their cattle across the road.

As proud Madagascans march away in the evening for a stroll or to catch their glimpse of the market place . Cathedrals litter the countryside in this predominantly Catholic Country.

People are liberal and polygamy was a way of life in this part of the world, but due to economic realities perhaps this tradition seems to have collapsed.

People are generally happy and social events are things like cock fights , birthday singing parities or playing bowling in the park seem to be favorite pastimes. I got a chance to see a song and dance performed at the hotel I was staying at.

They love to make things out of wood from exotic wall hangings to simple furniture even statues and ornaments.

The Malagasy food mainly constitutes pork, beef, rice and vegetables. It’s a weak economy but the people are simple and while at the bar of in the restaurant, people seem to want you to have fun. The place has it’s short comings but also has it’s own unique flavor and identity.

Not to forget to me mention the top class service my driver Londry was providing me. I was strolling in the bar of my hotel , asked for a whisky at the bar. One evening and a few pegs down and a few fish fingers  later, my eyes met that of Natasha.

A young nymph who was tending to the bar. I just had to know and enjoy her giggly smile and bronze skin. In the evening I let my feelings be known to Londry regarding Natasha and able Man Friday, he promised to help. Laundry along with his network of friends in the hotel got the job done and we changed hotels the next day as Natasha was smuggled into my arms. We spent the whole morning together drinking and listening to Beyonce . But alas the love making was truly out of Africa , so tender but so harsh , needless to say my day was made. I slept through the whole of the next day, recovering from the excesses of the morning. I welcomed the unique purple and pink sunset of this land again. Yes I could indeed now smell Africa now I could flow in my veins.