Death is the ultimate truth like birth death is inevitable and we see death all around us as we go on living . We see are friends die , our parents perish away our loved ones uncles and aunt slowly wither away to their grave . Death is the ultimate truth and surrounds us all as we go on living , surviving eating , breathing , drinking , sleeping and agin waking up . The routine of life goes on infant life itself is a slow grind to the grave a very slow but gradual grind to the grave . The five senses are all perishable and the body is meant to go one day or the other . Ageing causes changes in our skin , bones , complexion , hair colour , we wrinkle with time . The body which is agile supple when young looses it’s turgidness and begins to become weak and placid . Yes no matter what we do use anti agin creams , massage therapies , soaps and oils we cannot stop the body ageing . The wear and tear goes on and on , life is nothing but a lonely march to our Grave. If that were true then how should one live life and how can one get out of the process of ageing I wonder . Scientists have developed serums and therapies that say that align can be reversed . I don’t know if that claim can be entirely true , ageing can be slowed down through Yoga , tantra and meditation but it cannot be reversed or halted as far as my knowledge goes . I have seen women who are 70 look liken 40 or so but still ageing is happening in them all the time .I mean look at your photographs 10 or 20 years back , you will find that you were a different person then . The body structure , height , weight , skin complexion all would have changed .I cant recognise myself in my old photographs .

The same goes for your relationships and attachments , the state of your emotions and wants , needs and desires . So if dying is so natural is it just the end of it all or is the end the beginning of a new journey . What dies is the body that is what the mystics say , the body is like clothes one sheds old clothes and takes on new cloths , just like the soul or atma sheds the body and takes on a new one . With death goes away your phycological drama , all the hmmm and noises that fill your mind evaporate. The body is left to rot way and become dust it mixes back into the five elements Fire , Earth , Water , Air and Space . The atama thus released embeds itself into another sperm as it makes contact with an egg and penetrates its shell at the point of penetration of the egg and the formation of the embryo . Thus giving birth to a new being a new form that can be human , animal , fish , amoeba , bird , reptile or any other living form .The cycle keeps repeating itself endlessly with out stop , death and creation go hand in hand , that is the nature of the universe . Which keeps expanding and contracting on to itself . This cycle can go on for YUGA and Yuga’s . It is an invite cycle with no beginning and no end .That is why it is very difficult for us to comprehend let alone understand it’s mysteries. Remember even Arjuna needed special vision to understand and phantom the Virat roopa of Krishna . As humans we are best equipped amongst all other species to try and understand and comprehend this great mystery of mysteries .Death is thus in sync with life .

So do not fear death but embrace it know it understand it and then transcend it like the aghoidi’s do who are in constant touch with death .