I have started loading my audiobooks on acx.com, the mp3 files need to be uploaded chapter wise and then sent to the acx.com audio engineers who then evaluate the sound and the quality of the files before they give the go-ahead for the books to go on sale. There is a quality check which takes from 10 days to 14 days. I have started getting emails from the acx.com audio engineers regarding the quality of my books, they have asked for corrections saying some files have very low sound some very high for a liner sound they gave their specifications. So be ready to do corrections before you get the final go-ahead. These you need to make aware to your sound team in advance, just loading the mp3 will not do, you have to meet all the standards prescribed by audible.com and acx.com before the audiobooks are given to be sold on platforms like iTunes, etc.

You will get a mail from acx.com mentioning the problem and what must be done to correct it, it is simple for the audio engineer to understand, they also have a help section and frequently asked questions that will explain all things regards audio quality and specifications make sure you are aware of it all.

The acx.com process and getting your audio books uploaded

What finally remains is the pricing how much will be the price of each book, that demands on the duration and the content type of the book.

Audible keeps running promotions to promote books and free points are also given for audible.com customers to exchange for audiobooks.

Make sure you give the correct Bank details for proper billing and receiving of royalty from sales. I have an exclusive deal with audible.com where I get 70% royalty from sales of my audiobooks.

The madness of the monk has got the final approval and is ready for sale now. I think I should pat myself on the back for this.