I was just doing some references for my erotica web movie I also slept with Rashmi Verma and went through some great Erotica Films from Hollywood these were films that I used to fantasise about during my teenage years in the UK while I was doing my graduation their . It was sheer nostalgia watching films like 9 1/2 weeks and Two moon Junction , I saw these on video when I was studying at Christs college Blackheath doing my “o” levels and A levels . The Micke Rourke and Kim Basinger Classic . The food play when they have sex while having all sorts of food stuff from the fridge was great and so was the scene when he follows her around the marketplace with a scarf in his hand . Then you have two moon junction when the actress Sheryl Flynn strips bare in font of her lover a rugged construction worker , she bares full frontals and drops on the feet of her lover as if begging for him to make love to her . The subsequent sex session they film it together . Then you have the Jeremy Irons film Damaged which has some great fuck scenes in the hotel room . But the one I enjoyed most was Shame where Michale Fassbender come into his own and stalks a girl in an underground subway , the entire sequence is mind blowing.

Then you have the wild orchid and Mulholland Drive these were great erotic pictures and I was fascinated by them in my teenage years when one is exploring his or her sexuality and the hormones are on an over drive . The movies enjoyed in these years stay closet to the heart movies like Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct also fall into the Phycological Erotica Genre and are great examples of how the material should be handled .You have Hale Berry who showed her full frontals in the monsters ball.

Erotica has always been a hit with the youth and the audience throw in some drugs and some Pshyco characters then you have a deadly cocktail and mix .,These are films that I think the director should take cues from while shooting the erotica scenes in my web movie .I find the scent where very tasteful and very erotic . We still have to reach that state of perfection in our films as yet.