The moth long COVID surge has rattled India and put immense pressure on the medical services in the country  . Oxygen cylinders , concentrators , gloves , hand sanitizes , nurses , and diagnostic and testing centers are no always with in reach especially in very small towns and cities . The second COVID wave has resulted in thousands of deaths , people dying on the footpath . On top of that the nation had to witness the horror of dead bodies floating in the Yamuna . People are able to cremate their daed due to shortages and over worked creation grounds . Used car parks are becoming make short cremation ground . On top of that you ahem the doom and gloom every day in the media as people are making money and profiteering form other peoples misery by selling injections and oxygen concentrators at ten time the price . I myself have suffered form COVID in April and so has my grandmother who is still ill and under home quarantine . I have myself witness the horror and frustrations of being vaccinated and standing in long queues to get an oxygen cylinder . One must remember that an oxygen cylinder lasts only for about 16 hours , so if you have a patient with COVID it will take at least three weeks for him to fully recover that means you need a cylinder every day .

We luckily managed to get a spare cylinder so if one was being ,re -filled the other could come up as a back up . There is confusion on the send shot of the jab as there are no vaccines and the hospitals are turning people away after the first Jab . Amongst all this chaos and death there is a ray of hope and that hope and help is coming from the new age social media influencers  and content creators who have become COVID worriers , unwittingly that is . Young social media influencers are becoming the main source of help and information to others . People desperate for help need information , helpline numbers , information where they can get oxygen cylinders , day nurses and who can they get tested . Which Hospitals have beds and where the vaccines are available at state prices .

These influencers are helping families with correct information and locations where help can be given to the sick and the needy . Since these influencers have a pre existing network they are able to get the right information and the correct information timely to the pole in need . They also offer advice and push for donations for the needy .

They can activate their network and urge their followers to cat come forward to help with money and recourses . Being localized they can help epos install and new by communities of their influence and are more effective than government agencies and helplines that are over burdened with calls for help and resources . That is where these young and agile influencers come to the rescue of the sick and they’re suffering families .

Most fo the influencers do it for no cost and as part of their social work and help to the community . Want to know if your local Gurudwara is giving free oxygen and free food ask your local influencer and he will tell you .Want to know where you can get your oxygen cylinder filled the influencer will tell you with numbers contact names and location maps . They have filled in the gap where the government has failed , most providing this help who h goes beyond their call of duty . The government meanwhile instead of focusing on COVID relic is busy deleting critical social media post and videos that speak against its callousness .

Some influencers are also acting as make shift therapists just talking to people on video chats and sharing experiences while consoling the ill and the sick .They surely have managed to fill a need gap in these trying times and as a society we need to honour that . As we shame profiteer and racketeers like Kalra who are making money by duping people in ether hour of need , we need to also hail these Social media influencers for helping the needy and the sick .