I was amazed at the steep climb my book is taking on the KDP amazon.com bestsellers list . I am just two ranks below Jhon Grisham’s book Tumor in the crime , thriller and suspense category my book is ranked 36th  in the list and Jhon Grisham’s novel is 33rd  in the list . This marks my entry in to the top 100 list and I am now on par with a re-nouned , Hollywood author whose books have been adapted to great films like the Firm , The Time to Kill and The Pelican Brief .

My Book ‘ Yes sir I killed my Dad .” is also getting made into a digital movie and it looks like Shaming for Diya might also have the same fate , with the speed at which it has climbed the charts . That really puts me heels behind a celebrity Hollywood A list writer Jhon Grisham a man I have grown up reading and have admired the movies that were made from his thriller and fast paced novels  .He is the master of Crime , Thriller and Mystery genre and most of his books fall into that category .Shaming of Diya is in direct competition with his books in a category that is his forte .

Shaming of Diya is also 13th in the legal thriller category and 345th in the KDP Select all time free category . More then 70 copies have been sold so far in four days and we are yet to start book reviews or do an author interview for this book , it has exploded like no other book in the past .Here is hoping I become something of a Jhon Grisham at least as a Bollywood Author .