Sex Sutra’s

These are a series of mantra’s and chants that I have constructed for people who want to enjoy sex with the pureness of heart and mind and with all their spiritual hearts. These are chants both partners can chant while or before the act of lovemaking . These mantra’s and Vedic sutra’s heighten sexual prowess and vitality, the infuse the lovers with a certain spiritual buzz.

Sex Sutra’s

Take it like cleaning or a bath which you take internally. Sex then becomes a form of Pooja, a ritual. Make sure you breathe well as you chant and then just infuse into your lover. As the extract build so will your chants inverse the temp and jamming with the rhythm of the two bodies, who are intertwined in the act of lovemaking.

Sex Sutra’sThe chants will infuse the passion and light up the hidden fire of the lovers. The mantras will facilitate the act of lovemaking and increase the pleasure as it will get the lover in a rhythmic motion, peaking and ebbing and flowing together finally capitulating into an orgasm. Giving the lovers each a glimpse of emptiness and shunyata. For a brief moment when orgasm happens, the mind of the lovers goes silent and a gap appears in the mind. This state of no-mind can only be brought in a state of orgasm.

The chants of Vibhootam Vibhootam Vibhootam especially early in the morning can energize the love and will make for a great session just before the dawn breaks.

Vibhootam Vibhootam Vibhootam 

Vibhootam Vibhootam Vibhootam Vibhootam

Tam tam vibhootam vibhootam tam tam vibhootam

Vibhootam vibhootam tam tam vibhootam

Vibotam vibootam tam tam vibootam

Vibootam vibootam tam tam vibhootam


Dishyaaam Dirshyaam Dirshyaam

Sukhaam sukhaaam sukhaaam

Sharnam sharnam sharnam sharnam

Sukhamm aye sukhaam

vibhootam , vibhootam , vibhootam


Disha dharmaam Disha Har Dum

Vibhootam Vibhootam vibhootam

Disha aye sukhaam phir bhi dukhaaam

Disha disha jeevan sukhaaam

Jivan hei jivan Jaga Mein Hur Dum


Vibhootam vibhootam vibhootam

Dekha tu dam dam dam dam

Dum duma dum dum

Vibhootam vibootam netraaam neetram


Tam tam tamasyaam tam tam tamasyaam

Tamsyaam devum tam tam tamasyaam

Sukhaaam sukhaaam sharnam sharnam

Devum devum shlokam shlokam shlokam


Vibhootam vibhootam vibhootam vibhootam

Jeeevan maraan jeervan maaran

Sukhaaam sukhaaam sukhaaam


Dum Dum Dum Dum

Dama dum dama dum

Dama dam dama dum

Vibhootam vibhooti vibhooti vibhootam

Dukham Harnam Sukhaam disha hum