The world has been hit by the Corona virus from over one and a half years and wave after wave in hitting countries , where does sex amongst partners stand in Corona times . An age where we are all masked up and social distancing is the norm how are people having sex and what must people think off before they get intimate with each other . The specialist say that in these times one should restrict sex only to known partners and if one of the partners is sick the other should isolate , avoid kissing and hugging at times like these . Avoid getting into new relationships and having new and unknown sex partners as Corona is transmitted by droplets and saliva you don’t know who you are really kissing , you don’t know whether they have the virus or not . Paid sex and escorts are a no no in times like these and one should avoid casual sexual acts to remain safe  .

People in relationships are also maintaining distance even at home and people are resorting to writing love letters or telling tales of love and joy to each other . This is to compensate for the loss of touch and tenderness that humanity is currently missing . If your partner even has light symptoms avoid sex at all cost . Make sure you definitely use a condom as saliva is the major carrier of the virus .


I for one have avoided sex during the entire Corona Phase last time I had sex with someone was February last year before the lockdown situation in India and since then I have not had sex at all .The main reason being I have no regular partner and I fear paid sex is too dangerous in times like these .

An age where shaking hands , hugging , kissing have become a no no doctors advice not to have new sex partners or get into new relationships in these times . Even in home doctors advice partners need to keep a two meter distance that surely beats any romance that can take place between partners .Make sure that if you have sex you use a condom at all times to keep safe do not keep contact with a partner you are actually not living with .