My current phase in life is giving me immense joy and satisfaction my first book has been sold and is being made into digital content, I have started writing in a more focused manner. My next book Nineteen will be out soon and is set in the backdrop of the COVID-19 epidemic I have been experimenting with. Food is the other luxury I have during these times kabab’s salmon, chocolate truffles, and strawberry yogurt my time is spent in idle banter with my friend Ashish as we discuss most things under the sun. Apart from fantasizing about who will play what role we have also decided who will direct what project, look at our audacity without inking a deal we have started fantasizing about how the movie will look like and would fell. But I guess that is what you call effort and in the movie and digital content space that is the most important thing.

Every book is a piece of content and a project can be built around it if people of the right frame of mind and creative bend can collaborate together. Then through some PR, the project can be launched creating interest in the market which may lead to inquiries and people wanting to put money into the project.

I spend the afternoon taking pictures of exotic bread and chicken pies the coffee shop is full of goodies, candies, chips and assorted cakes on the side is a book store which is now closed for the time being.

My revenue from royalty is nothing to write home about but the passion for writing just keeps me going, plus I have the entire day to myself and I can choose how to structure it. The five-star luxury space and the soft lighting in my room enhance my imagination and thought process. The TV also keeps playing videos and ambient music that adds to the cool and tranquil feel of the room which helps me assimilate all my energies.

Long walks on the beach keep my blood circulation going as I meander around the sea coast staring at the horizon, early breakfast is usually at the coffee shop, toasts, jams, eggs, and sausages.

The shower room has dented soap and creams of all sorts, my hair has become more bouncy and curly the white mane makes me look more mature and maybe more of a thinker. My skin has started to glow with the breathing exercises and the meditation the body has got back its sheen. I have put on weight but that is due to reduced inactivity and the food I am having. Soon my string of party girls will start coming to see me and I will also have a much-improved sex life.

I wish to stay longer in this city much longer to sell a lot more books to develop even more content and let my creative imaginations take on the planet.