Firstly try and stretch your central idea into multiple formats, ebooks, audiobooks, paperback, short radio plays or just a regular podcast. You can look to sell your central idea across formats. Look at regional languages most platforms like support at least five Indian regional languages. You can translate your work into these regional languages, that is also an avenue source, make sure you pay a competitive rate of around 0.35 paisa to 40 paise per word for translating and roughly the same for copy editing your work.

Doing Book review and making book videos is also a revenue source, you can also give your services as a video editor and a copy editor for writers and publishers.

Sell the audiobooks at a hirer price and try and make money there, keep the e-books price low, so that you can hook the initial readers. The translations will give you volumes to and you can increase your royalty fee.

Working with other online brands I am working with a hotel room renting portal that helps people book rooms around the world. I am helping them to build their brand and awareness through the power of my blog posts and the positive message I send out about the company. Being a travel portal there was immediate synergy between the two and now we are working with them on a fee-based structure where they will p[ay us for our content and publicity.

You can barter with restaurants fro free food or publicity for a post in your blog or for reviewing their food, I use this trick all the time.

Book sales and audiobook sales will help build the revenue stream and barter and free food can be a low ticket activity I can look at. It is the brand engagements I must increase to further increase the level and income from my blogging activity . is the first all paid brand engagement we are doing. Big FM radio interview and the broadcast was a media barter deal not an all pay deal.

I got the posters of my book in some really hep Urban joints in Oshiwara, all for doing an article on them and talking about their menu.

I do pay a few friends to guest posts on my blog and some just do free postings with a few backlinks. But it’s selling the e-books that keep me busy now that money has started rolling in, I am more motivated in what I am doing.