Ram Gopal Varma kowtows to Ashu Reddy to his remarks on Sridevi; multiple times chief communicated love for ladies. Ram Gopal Varma is perhaps of the most disputable figure in the film business. He is known for doing ludicrous things and expressing his genuine thoughts and heart out on everything under the sun occurring inside and outside the business. The chief is right now moving on the web for his most recent demonstration of kissing previous Bigg Manager candidate and entertainer Ashu Reddy’s feet. Indeed, and as we probably are aware this isn’t whenever RGV first has shown he is an admirer of ladies.


From kowtowing to Ashu Reddy, hot hitting the dance floor with Inaya Sulthana to his frenzy towards Sridevi, the following are a couple of times Ram Gopal Varma made debates.

RGV grovels to Ashu Reddy
Ram Gopal Varma as of late was evaluated by Ashu Reddy for his impending film Perilous, in view of homosexuality. In any case, what grabbed the eye was the chief sitting on the floor and touching and groveling to Ashu Reddy as she sat on the couch. This is as of now moving on the web and Netizens are savaging the chief.

The chief referenced that he is perched on the floor to remind everybody how ladies ought to be dealt with and the video shows the chief kissed the feet of Ashu Reddy as well as sucked her toes with her consent.
RGV and Inaya Sulthana’s personal dance.

Ram Gopal Varma and Inaya Sulthana snatched eyeballs with their personal dance at his birthday celebration in August. The Veerappan chief has shared an erotic video of him hitting the dance floor with Inaya Sultana on the melody Rangeela. Nonetheless, later he kidded that it was not him in the video. Alongside Inaya, Ashu Reddy was likewise present at his birthday celebration and the pics turned into a web sensation.

Chief plays with Apsara Rani
Slam Gopal Varma doesn’t avoid playing with young ladies. RGV’s Risky star Apsra Rani shared a pic of herself in a red swimsuit and he contrasted her with a precious stone. She subtitled her pic, “Youthful Wild and Free.” Ramu answered to her post and said, “Youthful, wild and not free yet as important as a precious stone.

Some other time Apsra Rani imparted her image to Marlyn Monroe’s statement about polite young ladies and he responded and said ‘respectful young ladies wear him out’.

RGV’s most memorable love
Slam Gopal Varma, who is known as a questionable figure has made a major disclosure about his most memorable love. The producer took to Twitter and shared a couple photographs of the woman named Satya Polavarapu and tended to her as his most memorable love. He likewise uncovered his film Satya and Sridevi’s name in Kshana Kshanam have been named after his most memorable love.

Ram Gopal Varma’s adoration for Sridevi, remarks on thighs
Everybody is very much aware of RGV’s fixation on Sridevi. On many events, he communicated his adoration for herself and frequently called himself the entertainer’s most diehard follower. He even admitted I love you to Sridevi in a letter after her downfall.

Be that as it may, once, he communicated his friendship towards Sridevi and said, “I regard Srideviji for her thighs, her grin, her acting ability, her responsiveness, her persona or more all I regard her for her adoration for Boney.” Purportedly, this prompted a gigantic word battle between the chief and late spouse Boney Kapoor.