Tawang valley is full of lakes and water falls , lakes are worshipped here by the locals , one such wondrous lake is the Ptso lake .It is a lake that rests on a sort of a crater , it’s banks are green with lush grass . One has to trek a considerable distance to get to the lake . Their are pathways that lead you to the bottom where this still lake is located surrounded by mountains and covered with mountain mist .The lake freezes in the winter but in the summer it comes alive , you can find colourful , pink and purple flowers growing near it’s banks . Their is a out post near the bank of the lake , so that you can sit and soak in it’s calmness .It’s full name is Pangaten Tso Lake , you know it has Chinese roots .The lake is situated 17KM from Tawang and is a great stop over point to take pictures or generally sight see.
The roads in the Tawang valley are so so the local jawans construct most of the roads and their is some work on re construction going on all the time . Now would see cranes picking up the earth and each movers trying to clear up the rubble . It would rain often here in the. Month of June and the roads would get slippery , make sure you take a SUV when you are here .The valley is nothing but lakes , mountain , mist and monastery an ancient culture I am told people of Arunachal don’t pay tax as no collector comes here to collect it.
People live in small mind brick and wood houses on hill tops or on the. Places the main towns have shops and eateries but all very local , not. Much advertising apart from cell phone companies . Even the restaurants are very modest .Their is an army presence at the border and we needed all the adequate passes to go deep near Indo China and even disputed parts of Tibet.
The local youth look jobless though apart from shops , people earn money from motels and taxi services , tourism is a source of income but this place is still virgin tourist territory.
For me the lake of the Vally are the ones I will always remember and the soothing impact they had on me.