I have now spent more than seven weeks in Mumbai, came here at the cusp of the virus hit and have weathered the tide of the lockdown, seeing reports of the virus as it spreads from country to country spreading death and doom, body bags on the roads and suicide rates on the rise the world has gone into a recession and I am playing the game of musical chairs, this is the third time we have been asked to shift from our hotel property. First, from  Villa Parle, we shifted to Andheri East Chakala and now we are being moved to another OYO room property in Andheri West. The news is that we are falling in the red zone as the infection is high in this part of Mumbai, infect Mumbai has had a spike in infected people and today there were almost 184 positive cases of the virus.

I am sure by the time this is over I would have been moved to over half a dozen properties. The virus is affecting us all, throwing our lives upside down and we have to learn innovative ways of living at a time like these.

People are calling for more testing to be done, consumer confidence is at an all-time low and people are scared to come out of their houses even when the lockdowns are over .3rd of May is the date now, but I feel the lockdown will continue even further. I will just get shifted from one hotel room to the other, I guess even if I try I cannot get out of the nomadic life that I am destined to live.

The food is generally vegetarian nowadays and maybe a new place and a new hotel room would be good for me and maybe help me get back to my meditation days. The news is full of news on how people are getting frustrated with the lockdown and some are even coming out on the roads disobeying the government, stars and celebrities are using this time to deliver their public service messages to the people at large.

With suicide rates up it is important to remain cheerful and occupied at times like these remember how submits to the will of God will get through these uncertain times. A vaccine seems some time away and the lockdown looks to continue for some time, there is the voice of optimism, amidst people professing doom and gloom, politicians show optimism and the health fraternity show caution, restaurant and this is not over yet attitude. Conflicting views and directives surface it seems everyone has a view an opinion on the times we find ourselves in yet no one knows what actually will unfold, who knows this lockdown might just keep going on indefinitely even if it is officially lifted will people feel confident enough to come out of their houses until a vaccine is discovered which cures the dreaded virus and when will we get that, no one knows its all in the distant future. As of now, this is a new reality and it might just stay that way indefinitely. Will this locked out the state of existence will be the new normal a new paradigm we’re mankind will have to adjust to find innovative ways of living with these conditions. A world where man is trapped indoors amidst fear, uncertainty, with visions of death and disease, with thoughts of mistrust and with rules of strict social distancing. It is a more loveless a sate if people can’t get close to each other, touch and feel are a no now.

More isolation more introspective life where people have to live in isolation in a sort of exile with a different set of rules. It will eat time for us to change our mindset, routines, and habits to live by the rules of this new shifted paradigm where the virus plague is a permanent reality, but if this continues slowly we will get used to it as our behavior, habits, and mindset will adjust. So what works for us here well the climate and the ecosystem has blossomed the air is clean and good the water the rivers the snow the first and the animals are all dancing for joy. An old uncle of mine says he goes for his walks inside his colony in the morning and I see some morn sign walkers from outside my bedroom window, they sure must be happy to see empty roads no noise pollution and lots of space and air. On one side the virus is taking lives on the other side the climate is improving we are eating healthier and living stress-free lives working from home, that itself must be saving lives and making people live longer. Its the way you look at things, yin and Yan positive and negative. As of now, I am getting ready to shift for the third time into another OYO property.