I have been watching many Payal Rohatgi videos on her youtube.com channel and was mazed to see her being so passionate and upright in her conversations especially on the Sushant Singh Episode. Her Bind-as kapda Phaad takes on people the way she tears into Bollywood Hierarchy and her candid views on Nepotism and Bhai Bhatija Vaad are informative as well as entertaining with her own brazen humor and her act, she has won my heart and appreciation for sure. This girl is one in a million and I am lost for words when I see her fluent and breathtaking performances on youtube.com. She has over 500 k that’s half a million subscribers which is amazing and a very hard and difficult thing to achieve. Her videos are not even edited, no opening and closing no sound beds no effects, just an extempore crisp performance from the heart straight into the gut of her listeners, she puts the knife in like a butcher and she gets the message home. The lady spares no one not even herself at times and that’s what I love about her, her videos and take on the Phycologist scams and dealing with depression is something I could really relate to, as I have been through the entire scene e myself up close and personal. Her videos open drug addiction will open many eyes. All though she says it as it is without being judgemental, she leaves it to her subscribers to derive their own conclusions. I just admire her immensely, for a woman who has not achieved any significant great nights or landmarks in the Bollywood scene not achieved any great acting accolades, her performance of youtube.com is remarkable and so is the number of subscribers she has with only 500 odd video library. I have 200 subscribers with 200 videos, I am that bad at it and my videos are sharply edited by a trained blog team, Payal has achieved this solo with no help that itself is an achievement.

Barkha Dutt the legend Journalist also known for speaking the truth and shooting from the hip has a well funded and manned youtube.com channel called Mojo’s which has 293k subscribers which is half that of Payal Rohatgi’s. Her contacts her area of access is much more than that of Payal’s but still, she lags behind Payal in the YouTube.com video space that itself is a great achievement. Payal keep it up rip out the intestines of us all, you have a free hand “ Payal Sab Ki May Choodh de.” Go girl go fuck the world.