Cruising along the country side I came upon and fell in love with the Tritriva lake in the middle of a volcanic crater.

It is a volcanic lake formation approximately 160 m deep and part of the mountains of the Vàkinankàratra region of Madagascar. Green waters fill it and a breathtaking view of the forest and rocks surrounds the lake.

They had even put zip lines across the lake  from one end of the rock to the other and some guys were zipping across like pros.

I had a swim and an exhausting trek up hill from the lake.

The drive across the rural areas of Madagascar gives one a real flavor of this brown and dusty land with clear blue sky and crisp clouds in the air and to reach a lake all so enchanting I knew and I swore to come back.

Next day was a trek back to the Tritriva lake this time a took my shorts and a towel not to mention some eats and water. The trek this time was easier and I also swam a bit longer and went a longer distance into the lake.

I had Londry going berserk with the camera capturing the natural glory. I then decided to take a boat till the other end of the lake.

This was so that i could capture every angle of the lake and I did. From it’s jagged rocks to cactus growing wild like creepers on this rock.

The other end had a huge gash like rock outcropping in it and I along with my boat ventured into it’s narrow opening.

Suddenly I heard shrieks of wild bats and them fluttering above me. I lost my composure for a while but gained it back as my boatman reassured me that their was nothing to be scared of.

I got some great pictures and then strolled up back again to the top of the mountain where we had parked our car.

The Lake Tritriva was a mind-blowing experience a little haven of peace , tranquility of beauty in this wild land.

The lake has no fish because it is very cold , it’s dead calmness adds to the flavor of the place . I wanted to do the zip line but then looking at my weight decided against it.

I as it is wanted to go right on top of the lake stop the zip line and jump into the lake. But alas that was not allowed. The lake I was told drains in the rain and fills up in the dry season from underground sources.

On my way back to the hotel I found some excitement through OX Carting. I stopped a ox cart of two ox’s carrying vegetables.

I then sat on the cart took the reigns in my hand and the locals cheered as the ox’s ran and the cart darted across the buddy village road.

It was fun to the core with street kid’s running and dancing behind my cart . I was waving my ox whip in the air swirling it around as I was some kind of a conquering king of Madagascar.

Alas we had to stop as it was getting late and the sun was setting. I thanked the village folks for their hospitality faced

with a wandering persona and gave them some money for their efforts so that they appreciate me also! This was indeed a great experience and I thought after sea carting in the Mauritius it was now Ox carting in Madagascar. Comparing pricing and at the end of it it cost me lesser than anything I’d seen before.

Man these places are really value for money . A bag full of fun to be had for sure!