I have suddenly almost stopped writing intact I have not posted a decent full post on my blog for the past two months or so. I don’t know why my writings have slowed down, some sort of brain lethargy has set in, ideas don’t seem to come fast, old stories lie in the basement of my mind, I start writing and then skip to something else, there is no coherence in the mind, thoughts come and go, come and go but I am not able to put down anything on paper in a structured manner. The lack of sales of my e-books has also resulted in me losing some motivation and steam, there has been a response to my new book The Madness of The Monk but the sales have been only of the free copies which have not resulted in any substantial revenue. The rest of the books have been bought by Book Bloggers who I have paid to do the review of my books. I have reduced the cost of all my. EBooks to Rs 99 each book, yet there has not been a kick in sales figures. Genuine books sales average of 6 to 10 books a month. I guess it is a slow process, I wonder how guys like Chetan Bhagat became best sellers and sold millions of copies worldwide. It is taking me a Herculean task to sell even 10 a month, does that mean my writings are bad or not up to the mark. Well, I am writing all my books in the first person, maybe I should try writing in the third person that will create more impact.

My traveling has also cut down, I feel that I have slowed a lot in my travels and somehow the zip is missing in my journey, I am sure to blog lethargy has set i.e. call this blog lethargy when you start losing interest in blogging and in writing. I am trying to figure out how to overcome this lack of interest that has set in. Maybe I need to expose myself to some new things, some new topics and do research on new subjects, or maybe develop a new blog.

I have also instructed my team to recheck all my books for any errors and mistakes as a lot of grammatical errors have taken place in the self-published books lately. I genuinely need inspiration and some great insight otherwise my bog journey is doomed, guys pray for me.