Norman Shayo has taken me all around Tanzania when I visited the country Onan e a Safari Trip in the year 2016 , he was the most gracious man I have meet and drove me to many cities in the country but the Safari he showed me was fabulous and I had a great time , I was so happy with him that I wrote a book on my Africa Safari and my African excursion the Book is named “Out Of Africa ” written by author Anuj Tikku. It has pictures of Animals I saw live in a Safari and many interesting stories of my trips across the vast continent of Africa.

Hello Anuj my brother! I hope you are doing well there in Brazil .I do appreciate a lot for being ready to support me in terms of recommending and promoting my agency online. For the last couple of month I have been working a lot for online marketing in order to gain more business in the future. Here are the links where you can add some reviews for my agency. When writing reviews please don’t forget to add the following information.

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