After settling in at the Bougainvillea Lodge it was time now to see the wonders. I was woken up by the service lady at the lodge and who reminded me that it was 8:00 in the morning and breakfast had already started an hour back . 

The Guide and the Landrover – both reliable as ever !

” Your guide is waiting for you and the check out time of the lodge is 10:00 am in the morning sir . I suggest you hurry up.” Damn I though – the body clock was shot – I had been up all night writing for my blog and trying to perfect a template for my News Letter and now I was late! 

The Ngorongoro Crater shot with all the wrong camera settings!!!

Breakfast was European with fruits, potatoes and cereals. It was cold at the lodge at 16 degree one needed a jacket till at least the the afternoon when sun was upon us.

The Crater – Ngorongoro was named by the Maasai as El-Nkoronkoro meaning Gift of Life.

We headed out, Dixon my guide and I in the Landrover and we arrived at the Ngorongoro Park first and went in. The park is rich and green very fertile land here as this was the land at the edge of the volcanic crater.

The Beauty of the Landscape is Exotic!

 I stopped DIxon to capture some shots of the crater from the valley above.

The Crater – volcanic evolution in the middle of Africa !

 Although it was a bit  misty but I think I got what I wanted – amateur photographer that I am. The Ngorongoro National park is of a totally different colour the soil is chalky and white in colour, there are not as many animals to see as in Tarangire but I saw the black Masai Mara tribe on this side of Tanzania for the first time.

The Masai Mara

They where black shawls around them and have a special white face decoration on them .This i noticed was amongst the children their forehead and face painted white. “ This is to tell everyone that they have been freshly circumcised and have gone through the pain of the circumcision  ceremony , a very important tribal ritual in this part of the world.” Dixon said as he chewed his lunch while we took a break in front of the Serengeti National Park.

Beer and the Cheetah !

A famous brand of Tanzanian Beer is also called Serengeti and has a Cheetha as it’s symbol.

Resting Lions !!

But it was to be my lucky day as Dixon spotted a Pride of Lions resting under some bushes. They where five of them , couple sleeping the others looking out for any danger near by.

A Pride of Proud Lions

They looked majestic and so sure of themselves , one of them even gave me a stare as I observed them carefully. Most of the Land Rovers  of other tourist stopped next to us to enjoy this rare treat.

Hunting in the bush – the camouflage is excellent – you cannot tell there is a desperate predator in there !

The Italians behind me clicked away with their large camera lens and oh how I wish now that I had a bigger lens to capture their rare beauty. I made up with what I had and took different angles at times. Then came to main course literally, this is a rare sight a Lion getting ready to hunt his prey.

Prey – pray for it as it becomes food for a predator !

This time it was a warthog who was grazing at a distance. The lion bent on all fours hid himself in the brown and golden savannah grass , his hide being of the same colour he was easily able to hide himself from its prey’s gaze.

Going Hungry !

Slowly he moved forward keeping his eye on the target , this went on for 10 min , suddenly he took a plunge and chased after what would soon be lunch.

You my dear prey – the predator looking at a missed lunch appointment – are so gonna get it one day !

But in less than a split second the warthog was able to distract the lion and run to safety. It was a no kill an attack not very successful. The lion stopped looked around and as if to say “ Next time I will get you.” , strolled away. Serengeti had turned out to be an exciting affair. 

Lions Graze as Humans Drive!

Now I am back at the Sopa Lodge where I am set to spend the night. I have already spotted an offer for a Ballon Safari tomorrow for 500 dollars and it looks like I am going to take it though I am worried again that my weight might get in the way of getting afloat !

The Sopa Lodge