Netflix tests its TikTok-like comedy feed on TVs

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You didn’t think Netflix would leave its TikTok-style comedy feed on phones, did you? Sure enough, the company is launching a test that brings the Fast Laughs feature to TVs. Opt in and you’ll get a flurry of hopefully funny clips from Netflix shows, movies and (of course) comedy specials. Find something you enjoy and you can watch the whole affair or add it to your watch list.

The addition is “slowly” deploying to subscribers in English-speaking countries including the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. If it’s enabled, you’ll find it several rows deep into your home page. Fast Laughs will respect your content settings, but it won’t be available on kids’ profiles.

The expansion may seem odd for a feature effectively built to reel in people glued to social media apps on their phones, but it’s easy to see the logic of a TV edition. Fast Laughs is ultimately a discovery tool for viewers who can’t decide on something to watch. This could help you settle on a show relatively quickly when trailers (or Netflix’s seemingly endless carousels) aren’t enough.

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