Soumya Pratap a dear friend of Ashish landed up at room 568 which is my current abode. I was rudely woken up by a call from the help desk that the plump lady was waiting for me at the reception soon I got a call and an order to get my room cleaned. The young lady in her mid-twenties in toe Ashish got her on my couch which is become our standard process to chat with prospective actors explain to them our project and try and lock them for a role.” I think we can use her in Party Girls, in Rashmi Verma we have only two female roles, and both we need glamorous women,  but in Party Girls, we have seven girls there we can fit her, she is fair and has a great skin which glows.”  We asked for coffee and muffins, the hotel seems to be even more confused than me they took their sweet time to get the coffee as I got comfortable with Soumya and explained to her role, she is a Rajput living in Mumbai .” I hate wearing the Corona Mask you know, I think it’s just a false alarm they are just scaring people.” She went on munching her muffins and I took some snaps with her with the posters of my book.” I am happy acting and I love the city.” She said being excited.

It has become our standard routine for locking good actors, and each day inch my projects are moving forward. I am loving this phase of my life and feel settled within. I took some videos with Soumya Pratap and reassured her we will have one role for her in Party Girls.

Enjoy the videos and pictures of another talented actress we are looking for our future projects too.