I was just going through my youtube.com analytics a particular video on The Naga Baba’s of Kumbh ka Mela shot by me in Feb 2019 got a sudden surge of views on my network in the last few weeks , it’s views surged by 7000 views almost 181% more than any other video on my network . The subscriber base has also moved up by 50 odd subscribers in a very shot span of time . Now my Naga video shot almost two years back is getting me great views and a sudden surge of interest in my channel . People love the Torbaaz videos , so Bollywood always works.

Apart from that people like something unique that’s what the Kumbh video was la about as I get the blessings of two naked Naga’s in the middle of the Mela .The views came from suggested views so their but be links or tags for Kumbh Ka Mela or Naga’s that was getting traffic to this particular video . So the search engines were searching for this particular video and serving it up to people who tagged for them . Last month was more then 111 hrs or video viewing on my youtube.com channel and more then 8k views .