I just got an email in my mailbox from the Kindle team they have chosen my book “ Yes Sir I killed my dad .” And want to enroll it in their Prime Reading program. It is for the Prime members of amazon.com and get priority service, they have access to 1000 titles that are served to them. They are the more engaged readers of amazon.com and are a tiny subset of the entire KDP Direct universe that has over 1 lakh titles.

All you have to do is enter the ASIN number of the chosen book and the promotional code. The book will go live for 90 days and will be served to amazon prime reading customers. In return I would get a flat royalty fee of Rs 2000 paid into my account this will be over and above the royalty of sales from the KDP program where I get paid for pages read also.

So to me, it was a promotion of sorts and a way to get more eyeballs and reach for my book to the real serious book buyers and lovers.

So if you are an amazon prime member and have an annual subscription you will surely notice and shouldn’t miss reading my book “ Yes Sir I Killed my Dad .” A son’s Grief.

Check out my book on the amazon prime service and happy reading.