I can proudly announce that my book on my father’s murder case has been bought by DAYTEE PICTURES PRIVATE LIMITED to be made into a web series for OTT Platforms. The digital OTT  Web version should be out by the beginning of next year.  This is my first book that has been bought by a major production house to be converted into a web-series. I have signed a contract with them and the initial payment is in the bank, the deal was sealed on my birthday itself on the 10th of May but I have kept it quiet as of now. But a month down the line I can disclose that my Book will be seen as a web series soon.  The team must be working on the screenplay and casting as of now but my involvement is nil, for me, I have sold the digital rights of the book at a fair price. Now I am really a sold Author, with a picture being made on my book, that is an achievement I am proud of and is my first breakthrough on my return to the city of Dreams, which I had elated almost eight years back. The city is pulling me back in its fold, and I am loving it. This success gives me confidence that I am a good writer who is saleable in the market and has made a successful sale of his book.

So a two thumbs up to me for being a sold author and here is hoping that my next book Rashmi Verma sees similar success soon, as now my stay in Mumbai is getting longer and longer.