As I sit half intoxicated by the religiousness of Barnes and gaze at the Durga Temple form my hotel window, a lady from the temple below looks up towards me. This is a city of temples within four of them within walking distance from my hotel room. It has been a quiet day I wrote some in the morning and a bit in the afternoon and then just meandered through the day eating my lunch most of the time or chewing gum. We could get some translation work my friends tell me and I have asked Tiwari and his BHU mates to translate my book yes sir I killed my dad in Hindi. That would be a good move as Indian languages are available in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, and Bengali. I wish to do a Malayalam translation of this book also. As I muse the fate of my book on my father’s case and presented as a son’s grief. The book has got a fantastic review and it is all an in house effort right to the publishing and now a Hindi and Malayalam version where I have asked Tiwari to add his part of the story also, as he witnessed those horrific days it will be a Hindi new edition of the book. We will sell it at the same price and give the extra chapters as a bonus.

I am enjoying working again and my writings have kept me busy, I would want to walk a bit more and be more active, could lose a few kilos for sure. But I feel relaxed in comfortable surroundings. The creative process I am loving that and the tempo of my writing has increased. Kashi has a flavor unmatched by any other, the busy dusty narrow streets, a plethora of temples, flower and vegetable sellers, Paan shops and lots of Bicycles and rickshaws. The afternoons are hot here in Kabir Nagar but the nights can have a chilly feel to it. There is no moisture in the air and the climate in dry as the winter approaches. Modernization can be seen in the shape of malls, eateries, wifi, the Yogi government has done a great job of reaching out to then people and making them believe their message.

With four books all ready to be launched, I have done a lot of writing, I am also attempting my first complete novel Casino Carnival. My next books will be Hamari Gyano! , Webbing the web series Web, The Holy Trinity that should about do till the new year. After this is all I have to amuse myself during the day. I made my first Rs 10,000 in book royalty and commissions this year and it has been a one year journey, with more than 300 books sold so far across platforms.

It has gone cooler as we approach November, but it is the festival of lights start I wish to see in Ayodhya, I know it will be a marvelous spectacle. The diet has changed as I am eating only vegetarian food all the day dal tadka and Shahi paneer, I just keep changing the gravy and it’s a new paneer dish like paneer makahnwala, Kadhai Paneer. It’s sloppy at times as the gravy dribbles down my lips and on the bed at times. But I like the food its not much variety but it is very nutritious and would help me lose weight I guess.

I am told try the paan in the Keshav paan Bandar in BHU he supplies paan to the PM Modi.I will enjoy the famous Pappu ki chai which is the best tea in town.