Dreams and more dreams Marriott has given me the true Bollywood Feel, and I am loving it, I sleep well and eat well, the atmosphere and the lighting in the room gives a great feel as I often stare out of my window staring at the quiet sea and whisking waves that lap up the sandy and now desolate beach of Juhu. At a short distance is the famous Prithvi Theatre and of course, there is the ISKON Temple nearby. The streets are empty with hardly any activity I guess we will have to live with the virus for much much longer and to a certain extent, we have gotten used to it by now. I have been having discussions with Ashish and our plans to sell my book mold and reform every day.

With the virus, the going is slow and uncertain but we still persist somehow, went for a short walk, and drive with Ashish looking for my credit card to the bank, the weather is true monsoon and there was a mist in the air, with moistness all around. I did walk a bit after a long time to buy a paan at the local shop near Prithvi, amazing how fat I have become and so very hairy almost like a mountain gorilla at 46 now age has started to show as my entire walk and gait has changed, it resembles more like the walk and gait of Amir Khan in Dangal. The only difference is that he had two girls and I have non. I have been in a good zone, with my ohm meditation in the morning and the hmm I do with music from youtube. I need nothing now I love this hotel and the ambiance is perfect for me.

The huge shower the trolley service the lounge and the breakfast they are a world apart. I still have to enjoy myself at the lounge, I did have the breakfast and do occasionally venture out with my friend for a drive in his car.

Waiting patiently happily absorbed with my blog and my books and strategy on how to sell them, the time feels slow to me at times but I have the joy of not doing anything, I am leading a semi-retired life in a five-star hotel in Mumbai, hoping to make some money from selling my content. Whatever be the case a new chapter has begun in the Bollywood saga. I wait for the sale of my next book and the next as the world stays indoor locked up fearing the virus would never go.