Spent the last three weeks with my Granny in her abode in Dehradun, it was a very dry affair, the house is big with a huge garden but all that can be seen is four servant families all in one house. It was a very different kind of feel than the one I enjoy at my abode at the Marriott. Here the atmosphere is very tranquil almost sublime and full of a positive vibe with amber shades. The Corona effect has eased a bit, I took a direct flight back to Mumbai and they did not follow the seating protocol that’s for sure.

I fell asleep and most of the passengers went to sleep as people did not talk to each other fearing the virus. The way back to the hotel was a tiring affair as I had been up since 7:00 am to take the car to the Jolly Grant airport.

Mumbai I am back

Dehradun had been a boring affair for me with no inspiration and zero new ideas I spent most of the day sleeping and the rest eating and smoking. What little time I got on the evening was spent chatting to Granny as I acquainted her about the story of Nachiketa and the Upanishads. I threw in a bit of Ashtavakra Geeta in it and went on to tell her why I think Arnab Goswami Sucks. My Granny has a Modi Bhakt and an ardent BJP supporter, she and all her servants alike are part of what I call the Hindu Brigade. Over Bun Tikki, I discussed politics with Bhartu my Granny’s man Friday and her most trusted servant.

There were mornings that I was given Cow Urine with water to drink by Bhartu, he loves it and always has a bottle that he gets from Baba Ramdev’s shop. It was my turn to try cow urine and it does taste a bit toxic with an acidic after taste.

Mumbai I am back

I use to help myself with lots of sweets like the peda and the cook Bharti made some amazing sandwiches for breakfast which I would munch till the wee hours of the night. Didn’t meet any friends and most of the day were spent loitering around collecting cigarettes from one shop to another.

To change and recharge my palette I would dine in the restaurant nearby and enjoy a pastry at the coffee shop. My weight has steadily increased due to good hotel food and no exercise for months on end due to the lockdown. But I am told that the Gym just got opened up and that I would be able to use it.

Mumbai I am back

That’s it some strolling in the garden and a walk about the porch my day would fly past as I slept without a pattern and fell back into my lazy ways.

But being back now in Mumbai I can start working on the sale of my next book party girl I am told Cine Vista and Panorama Studio’s has shown an interest in Party Girls my third book. My second book is on the verge of being sold to Rashmi Sharma Production and they are sending the contract for my approval. The price is 50% higher than the sale price of my first book .” Yes sir I killed my dad .” So hope to make steady progress with the help from Ashish and I few meetings I am sure I can close the year with three books sold.