Ole Lehmann, a 32-year-old entrepreneur based in Cyprus, experienced a life-altering moment during the crash of the crypto exchange FTX. The aftermath of this incident left him uncertain about his next steps until he stumbled upon ChatGPT, an AI technology that has since propelled him into a successful career as an educator. Lehmann is now generating income in crores by teaching individuals how to use AI.

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Having spent over six years as a crypto trader and investor, Lehmann heavily relied on FTX for his trading. Unfortunately, his investments coincided with the platform’s dramatic collapse, resulting in significant financial losses. The devastating experience left him disillusioned with the crypto world and eager to explore alternative avenues.

Lehmann’s life changed two weeks after the crypto crash when he discovered ChatGPT. It reminded him of his deep interest in cryptocurrencies. Knowing he had been really involved in things, he saw that AI could be a big deal and got excited about it.

In January, Lehmann began experimenting extensively with ChatGPT. Simultaneously, he began sharing AI-related content on his personal Twitter account to gauge audience interest. The ensuing months saw his skills with ChatGPT sharpen and his expertise in AI content grow.