In my book, I also slept with Rashmi Verma the dark, and in some way, the eerie character is that of mama molester. He is Rashmi’s mama who molests her as a little girl from the age of nine to thirteen. His name in the book is Chand and he comes repeatedly into Rashmi’s Jaisalmer house when she goes to school to teach. She instructs him to look after Rashmi and teach her while she is away at school functions.

Mama comes unannounced with a Japanese doll and plays with Rashmi urging her to press the button at the back, hold the button of the doll. He squeezes Rashmi’s cheeks and says,” Terry bhi button dabaun ga ek din.” He even claims a tree to catch hold of the little girl when she hides behind the branches to save here self. The two chapters in the book Mama Molester and Hum tum ek kamrien mein band ho are dedicated to the dream’s that Rashmi has about the molestations she goes through. This is also why she is unable to have sex with Anuj whenever he tries to get physical with her.

I have etched the character to that of Bela the  Dracula in Ed Wood. I am growing my hair crooked and choppy and so are my nails long and unkept as the mama himself. He is a drunk and sniffs coke all the time. Deep-set yes and a funny face full of dark humor.

Enjoy my look in the web series