Now that I am exploring ways of making a web-series I thought it only prudent to check out ways that one can make money from uploading videos to platforms that pay you for the number of views , hours watched , videos rented or bought . So I decided to explore the options and find out more .The top eight sites that support video monetisation are as follows .

Daily Motion : It has a 70% profit sharing program and one can upload good quality edited video’s . It streams ads on the videos and also allows people to rent the video through video on demand . It has a monetisation plan just like the youtube partner program and your money is wired through PayPal .

Vimeo On Demand : This os 90% profit-sharing model , you need to own full copyright of your video and you can sell your video or people can buy and rent it . Eligibility criteria is that you need to have a demo pro account that cost $ 17 a month . You will have full control on the pricing of your video and will get analytics to track who is buying and who is viewing your video .

Amazon Direct Video : This is a profit sharing program where you create a separate channel through your amazon account , you can check into any of their royalty programs . You get moneyfor hours view , video’s rented and bought through there site . Amazon will promote your video to many countries especially the large US market . Payment is made into your bank account through EFT or Wire Transfer . Their is a list of countries where it supports payment currently India is not on their list but if you have friends in US or UK you can give their bank details and they can wire the money to your Indian account . Make sure you read the list of countries where amazon supports payment . Also read the content policy and technicals about the quality of audio and visuals , amazon direct does not support. 4K UHD currently and only supports till 1080p HD .

Envul : This site lets you earn for every 30 sec of your video watched , but it focuses on gaming video and you should have all the copy rights . The payment is made through PayPal .Though it’s monetisation program members can earn $ 3 for every 1000 views . But it scents only gaming based videos .

Youtube : The most popular of all you can be part of their Youtube creator program and also link your Adsense to it to monetise for ads .But you will not be part of the youtube monetisation program until you hit 1000 subscribers.

You also have twitter and facebook ads through which you can monetise your videos but the monetisation services are only available for US citizens and Indian citizen cannot benefit form it .

Make sure you read the details of the content guide line policy , technical specifications , royalty programs and eligibility criteria of all these video platforms before you create your channel and start video uploads .