earnkaro.com is the latest influencer app making the waves in the webspace, it is an App that helps people share links of products and services sold and traded on the largest e-commerce sites, targeted at the common Indian influencer who lives in small town and cities, the app helps people sitting at home to make money by using their free time and influencer network on the net. The app is a platform through which you can make quick influencer Link called profit links, these can be made through the platform. Then you need to share the profit links of the product you are promoting to your influencer and social media follower network.

The company has funding from the legendary Ratan Tata and is gaining. Popularity amongst the common folks, who now have access to technology through their mobile phones. The promotion videos promoting the app and explain how it works are in the vernacular and it seems the company is targeting the non-English speaking folks which are a large influencer market who are now buying things online through their app and paying for these services online as well. The bait is the charm of making money from home, their-fore it targets housewives also. The other target for the link-sharing influencer app is the youth the students and young working adults, who are looking to make Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 by sharing product links thorough this platform.

If a purchase is made through the profit link that you have shared with your network, you make money, which is a portion of the value of the product that has been bought by your follower. The profit comes directly into your account which you create when you sign into the app. There is a list of product partners and you can see first hand the profit that you will make a product and brand-wise.

You can share your links through watts app, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. If you are a blogger you can paste these links with a detailed product review post that will help people decide on whether to buy the product or not. It is a classic referral program and is focused on generating influencer sales for e-commerce sites which have taken off in a big way in India due to the high mobile penetration and availability of high-speed 4G networks. So go out there and generate referral links of your favorite products, share it with your social media network and see the cash flow into your account as profits.