Now I have been locked out for well over forty days, it is interesting to know what I did during this idle time at home.

Well, I learned Tik Tok for starters and made many crazy and stupid videos that I sent to my friends. I even wrote about my Tik Tok journey on my blog.

Meditation did lots of that in the morning at about six o clock helped me think better and kept anxiety away.

Wrote an entire Novel called Nineteen on the Pandemic which will be launched next week on

Got another ebook out called Mehman on the writings of my guest bloggers

Eat a lot of vegetarian home-cooked food and kept my immunity up by drinking a lot of lemon water with honey and having ginger paste.

I managed to finish the Book deal fro one of my books and singed the contact online.

Learned how to operate the zoom app which helped me in doing business video conferencing

I continued with my blogging writing articles and insights every day along with that wrote promotional posts for others also.

I made a new friend at the hotel and chatted with my close friends and relatives on various issues over a much longer period than usual.

Tried home delivery of food but that I found was erratic as my title was in the red zone

I did go for short walks in the early mornings with a face mask but that was generally to the chemist shop or to buy some sweat buns and chocolates that I enjoyed a lot during the lockdown.

Read a few books and watched a lot of digital content on OTT platforms favorite flicks Guilty, Mast-Ram, Badla, and Pink. Watched video for long hours following guys like Satguru, Bill gates, Danpani, London Real.

Followed news on non-Hindi channels like Al Jazeera, CNN, Fox News, CNBC the only Indian news channel I followed and saw was BBC Hindi.

Did venture out in a friend’s car to get some takeaway fish and prawns from restaurants that were closed but did some delivery from the back.

I changed my hotel three times and would be doing it for the fourth time as the lockdown continues.

Downloaded the Corona app and aquatinted me with its features.

Felt strapped for cash as I was unable to go out to get it from an ATM but Paytm and internet backing saved the day and I managed to do all my transactions.

Slept a lot amity without a fixed routine there were weeks I would wake up before dawn and weeks I would sleep through the day and all through the night.

Aquatinted myself about the virus how it acts and followed the progress on the development of a vaccine for it.

Online others did not go to buy booze when liquor shops were allowed to be opened.

I spent time doing idle banter with the cook and the hotel staff as they struggled through the day. I was very cautious about hygiene, made sure my room was cleaned regularly, and wore my mask at all times while going out. Except for one friend, no one visited me in my hotel and I remained in my room majority of the time.

Above all kept my spirits high doing creative wring and cracking jokes on Tin Tok.