There is a song in my heart and it cries out La la la la Yeh Hei Mumbai Meri Jaan. I have been Criss Crossing the city meeting old friends and new partners, setting up meetings with prospects. I did manage to catch up some girls from the party girls gang and did have lazy shag at my hotel room, with one of the hotties. My skin glows now, all the sex I have been having I guess, But yes I have put on more weight, must be because my body is happy.” You must make a Kurta for me a white Kurta, you are a designer also show us some art, give me a Kurta Gift next time.” I bartered with Payal. Well, she should be happy with what I give her for an hour’s raunchy sex session. She really is a true Mona Home Delivery the sleaze show on app. But these girls their makeup, perfumes and dresses they must cost a bomb, Payal is as usual immaculately dressed and always presentable. My OYO room guys are also cool with them I told them I will be having my girlfriend over for the evening, no problem for them only that I have to pay if she stays over in the night which was cool with me.

Now that I am staying here for some time, I started taking my evening walks around the streets and alleys of the Vile Parle area. It is a very residential place with a core local Marathi population, Tehri was green banners of Raj Thackrey asking all Pakistani’s and illegal Bangladeshi’s to get out of Mumbai and leave the state, it was a declaration of war on the minorities. Something that has resonated throughout the country recently. Small shops and eateries which include Idli Dosa joints and tea stalls litter the pavement markets as I strolled past lazy buses and children returning from school. There were a lot of elderly in this area, old past 80 or so women two dozen of them sat on benches and chatted away.

My eye stopped at the natural ice cream outlet the pride of the city and Maratha Manus, I walked in order a Kaju Kishmish and Apricot fruit ice cream. I sat on a bench outside the parlor and eat with great relish.

It was last evening and my man Ashish called up, it was time to head to Oshiwara for some idle banter and smokes with the packaging and strategy man. It was Idli with my old school mate ad then I smoked away the night with Ashish making castles in the area around my web series. Till then it’s me dreaming away my time in Mumbai Meri Jaan.