In the most recent episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 15, Aditi also known as Dab, Vedang Raina and Khushi Kapoor took the hot-couch for the subsequent round. Have Large B asks Khushi, “I don’t figure it probably been that challenging for you since you have experienced childhood in a recognizable climate. Be that as it may, how was your most memorable shooting experience.”

Khushi answered, “I was exceptionally apprehensive. We were in Ooty and my sister Janhvi (Kapoor) was there for the initial not many days.

At the point when I would get anxious, she would quiet me down. She would converse with me and I would feel settled. I recall that I would play on the sets as a kid when my folks would be on shoot. So there was a sure commonality.”

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Vedang and Aditi sing a tune and later Agastya likewise goes along with them.

They utilize first help video call a companion for Rs 1,60,000 inquiry: First showing up in Quite a while From Riverdale #21, what is the name of the Indian expansion to Riverdale’s understudy body, a novice movie producer? A. Raj Patel, B. Rahul Arora, C. Ajay Singh, D. Aditya Shetty.

They interface with Amitabh Bachchan’s little girl Shweta Bachchan Nanda. Shweta tends to Huge B as, ‘Dad’. Enormous B answers, “Dad chhod dijiye, Shweta Bachchan Nanda ji, inko help kijiye.”

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Shweta says that choice A may be right. According to large B, “lag raha hai inhone videsh se siksha prapt ki hai. Ek bhi shabd Hindi me nahi bola. Aur English intonation aisi hai ke jaise abhi America se arahi hai.”

The triplet answers choice A. Large B associates with Shweta and says, “Fundamental apko pranaam karta hu. Aap ghar pe miliye phir aapko batata hu. How do you have any idea that this is the right response?” Shweta says that she is a major Archies fan. Enormous B advises him that KBC is a Hindi show. Shweta then answers in Hindi and Large B says, “Since you are my girl, I will excuse you.”

They accurately reply and win the sum.

In the third and last leg, Suhana Khan and Zoya join Vedang on the hot couch. Large B presents, “The people who don’t realize Suhana is Shah Rukh Khan’s suputri.”
They use crowd survey life saver for Rs 3,20,000 inquiry: Which of these names is given to the waterway that different Manhattan from Brooklyn in New Your City?
A. North Stream, B. South Stream, C. West Stream, D. East Stream.

Suhana Khan KBC 15: हॉट सीट पर बैठीं SRK की बेटी सुहाना खान, अमिताभ बच्चन  के सवालों से छूटे पसीने - News Nation

With their assistance, they accurately answer choice D.

Then, they play Super Sandook round starts and an inquiry on Shah Rukh Khan shows up: Shah Rukh Khan has not yet gotten which of these distinctions? A. Padma Shri, B. Army of Honor, C. L’Etoile d’Or, D. Volpi Cup.

Suhana tells choice A however right response is choice D. Suhana is stunned and Zoya and Vedang check her out. After the round, Huge B responds saying, “Beti ko pata nahi hai ke pita ko kya mila hai. Sirf bola gaya hai ke samne jo baethe hai who baap ka pretend kiya hai toh thoda araam se prashn poochhe. Itna araam se prashna poochha iska jawab hello there nahi de payi.”

They win Rs 90,000 and restores their video call a companion help.

They utilize the life saver for Rs 6,40,000 inquiry: Leena Nair, an individual of Indian beginning, is the Chief of which worldwide extravagance brand? A. Gucci, B. Chanel, C. Hermes, D. Prada.

They interface with Kajal Anand and she answers choice B, which is the right response.

Enormous B asks Suhana what guidance did her dad Shah Rukh Khan give her when she began her excursion as an entertainer. Suhana answers, “I’m a piece humiliated after some unacceptable response. Be that as it may, he advised me to pay attention to two voices – the chief and your heart and the rest will make sense.”

They utilize two-fer life saver for Rs 25 lakh question: Which was the primary arena outside Britain to have the last of a men’s ODI cricket world cup? A. Eden Nurseries, Kolkata, B. Melbourne Cricket Ground, C. Kensington Oval, Barbados, D. Wankhede Arena, Mumbai.

Vedang continues to toy between choice An and D as he is certain it is in India. They go for Two-fer help. Vedang goes for choice An and it is the right response.

The group wins Rs 25 lakh for a noble end goal.