Entertainer Kangana Ranaut has been offering disputable expressions on Twitter. Since the time a year ago, she formally assumed control over her web-based media account from her group, her tweets have been erased for abusing Twitter rules. Presently, Twitter India has suspended her record.

Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter has been all the rage. She has supposedly disregarded Twitter controls because of which her record has been forever suspended. A Twitter representative said, “We’ve been evident that we will make a solid implementation move on conduct that can possibly prompt disconnected damage. The referred to account has been forever suspended for rehashed infringement of Twitter Rules explicitly our Disdainful Direct approach and Harmful Conduct strategy. We implement the Twitter Rules prudently and unbiasedly for everybody on our administration.”
Recently, her record was allegedly limited after she made tweets about the Amazon Prime Video arrangement Tandav. At that point, a Twitter representative told NDTV, “We deny content that desires, expectations or communicates a longing for death, genuine real mischief against an individual or gathering of individuals and make an authorization move when we distinguish infringement which could incorporate setting a record in read-just mode.”