The rich food of Calcutta club had added to my weight so I made it a point to go to the lake and the jungle at an array colony with some friends. We started a trek through the green forest, it started to rain as we walked through jagged slippery rocks and small streams of water.

We passed through some village huts and then meandered over water pipes all the time balancing our weight on the pipe, finally it was the lake where I did my swim, played with the Frisbee and did some photography, the mama molester song was much appreciated by my friends and the jungle trek of almost 8 km had tired me out too.

I lost my bearing on the way back and almost slipped into a ditch, but I kept my balance and then marched through the jungle. Here I share some snaps of my expeditions to the lake at Royal Palms array colony for you to enjoy. You can also spot deer and cheetah at the time in this jungle.