Another day another dawn, I have been getting up early these days just after 5 am today, got some mediation done and listened to Satguru in the morning his chants and silent jokes add a bit of flavor to my Corona mornings. The stay of my inner consciousness has shifted upwards and I feel very light and energized in the mornings. There is so much tranquility around with the lockdown and I can hear the birds aloud through my windows, as I keep them open most of the time. There is nothing much to do for me through these times except to write and introspect at what the world is going through. I am bombarded by news and videos all day some scaring me the others offering hope and relief for mankind. I see the panic in the eyes of politicians, celebrities trying to use the pan epidemic for their own popularity, religious leaders hijacking the virus for gain, but then there are people and institutions coming forward to help the community at large.

To me the virus and the epidemic is a slap on the wrist for us humans, it is nature’s way of doing its own oil and filter check, see it like a servicing that the world needs to go through, just to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. It is time for us to stay indoors away from each other and go inward to introspect about the bigger questions in life. Time for us to fall back and look and re-assess our priorities in life and the way we treat our environment. A whole season will go by with lockdowns all over the world as scientists and doctors fight the epidemic and quarantine people.

With death tolls rising it becomes possible that we could be one of its victims, who knows the virus spares no one, rich famous or otherwise its impact is global.

It should give us a new way of seeing life and make us appreciate the value of our lives and the little things that matter the most to us. , like friends, family, relatives, and well-wishers. I am sure the lockdown will have an imitate impact on the environment as pollution levels have fallen dramatically in major cities, with clear blue sky and fresh air all around. Birds, insects, and animals have come out of their hideouts, now it’s their time to play as we all stay locked indoors. People are talking to the economic and social impact of the virus, all that will follow but first, we have to stay alive and make sure we fight the virus and do not fall sick or infect others. Testing has increased all around India and if you feel some sickness one should go to the hospital and get a test done.

After this aberration it will take time for things to get back to normal as a lot of people would have been laid off, business shut down and logistical supply chains in a mess. The time we spend in isolation should be used to get closer to our core and remember the god within us all. I am sure spirituality will increase during this time of crisis as people look for hope and some kind of divine intervention. With no cure and vaccine currently, we really need help from the gods.

Another thing that will see a shift is a work from home concept, with everyone connected the lockdown has made a lot of people work and study from home itself. That way we will start using technology in innovative ways to share, collaborate and work with each other all form home. A greater push towards to gig economy that people were predicting. Technology is being used now to cure infected patients, share diagnostics, data, figures and patient symptoms between doctors and research centers around the world.

Governments will have to look after the poor and the homeless and give them aid or grants as with an economic shut down they will be starving to death. Aid packages will have to be given the infected and the families of the dead will have to get some compensation. Big corporate houses and wealthy families will have to pump in money back into the economy to spur it into action and back into the growth phase. The rich have to re-assess their responsibility towards the world at large, the few cannot have the plenty too.

The Pharmaceuticals industry will see a lot of demand and will need some great new vaccines and innovations to get us out of this epidemic. One thing is for sure it will make us more compassionate towards each other and show us that we are all so deeply connected to each other.

All this caused by an unseen virus, existence way of doing some man culling and restoring some balance that is needed. It will make us think that how dependent we are on each other and how fast something lies this can spread . Humanity is going through it’d challenged no doubt and we have to see how as notions we can help each other fight the disease. We will learn to share expertise and knowledge along with results that will help experts to diagnose better and heal the sick. The collapse of the stock markets and lack of active workforce has put a halt of production and the supply chain and logistics are rendered redundant due to travel restrictions and interstate lockdowns. The social agencies and NGO groups will have to come forward and join the effort, I assure governments will have to allocate more funds on socially beneficial causes after all this is over, there will be damage and casualties. Rebuilding confidence back into the workforce and reviving the economy will be a huge task in itself. But first, it is important to stay alive and well and make sure those around us remain healthy and cheerful.

It is a great opportunity for environmental and health organizations to push their agenda further and demand world leaders to tackle health and environmental issue with more urgency and with impactful results. This is were Green Peace, Oxfam, Save the earth and The Bill Gate foundation should increase the tempo and ask for more government funding and otherwise to support their causes to improve global health and environment.

The virus is also attacking our large joint family system which exists in small towns and villages. When the youth come back formwork and are rendered jobless due to the lockdown they return to their villages in droves. Here they stay in close proximity with Tehri families, which are joint and large in Munger, with dozens sleeping in one small hut. The young infect the old and the aged, casting them to fall sick and thus the infection spreads even faster due to house family size.

For me these times have helped me write, introspect, catch up on Netflix and YouTube video. Yes! I even managed to get a hang of Tik Tok. But what is most important that I have started doing mediation and gyaan in the morning along with some yoga. I am going to use this time to look inward, thank existence for keeping me alive at the same time take all precautions and stay Indoors throughout the lockdown period. I have also reached out to friends and family and had long conversations with some old pals. My diet has turned vegetarian, bemuse meat and poultry are in shorty supply and that might help me lose some weight.

It is advisable to have lime and honey water, along with ginger paste to increase metabolism and immunity.

At times shut the TV and the net and just do some deep breathing, panic and tension will not solve anything remember we are all in it together and all of humanity is impacted by this one way or the other, so don’t worry and listen to what they tell you in the news all the time. Stay positive, stay isolated and stay alone, keep a 6 feet distance from others , wash your hands with sanitizers and always  be wearing a face mask