Innovative Film City is an amusement park located in Bidali on Bangalore-Mysore highway. The innovative film city is an adventure that you’ll remember all your life. It is one of its kind Indian theme park that is replete with a myriad of fun activities for every age-group.

Whether you want to go-kart with your buddies, spend quality time with your family or have a classy corporate get-together, Innovative Film city is the one-stop destination for all and more. IFC is packed with exciting rides and activities for kids that will make them jump in joy.

The Cartoon park in Innovative Film City will make your tiny balls of sunshine come alive with excitement. If you think IFC is just for kids and young adults, you would want to check out the Tribal Museum, the Big Boss tour, the sand beach and the Aqua Kingdom of IFC that will give you a spine-tingling experience.

The Innovative theme park is not just for entertainment and fun. You can also book a destination wedding and tie the knots in a mesmerizingly beautiful setting of IFC. You can also organise corporate events, meetings or small business rendezvous.

Innovative Film City also offers studios for pre-wedding photoshoot, family video, ads or short documentary films. IFC has a 3D photo gallery, 4D shows and a selfie gallery. Every second you spend in this marvellous place is a second lived fully. Do not miss this amazing place the next time you visit Silicon Valley.