Grammarly is an online spell checking and grammar checking platform, which also detects plagiarism, its proofreading resources check against more than 250 grammar rules. Now that I am selling my ebooks online I have realized that this is a very important tool to use while writing. Errors in text and lack of proof-reading can really make the reading experience very shallow and cumbersome for the readers. In fact a lot of the book bloggers I had given my books to review the complaint of poor editing, as a random spell check was not able to remove errors from my -books. That when I instructed my team to start using Grammarly. This was to improve my writing and aim for a zero free error state so that people can enjoy my work and gain from it. A poorly edited book can be a disaster and the impact can negatively affect the sales of my other books.

It is available through an extension to google chrome and can be both as an App from the apple store with a subscription of $19.95 it’s a steal. One has to just plug your text into the software and it will start highlighting text, spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. The highlighted error will show basic replacements for the faulty text or words these you can choose to improve the quality of your writings and for better proofreading.

So use it for proofreading and you will definitely get better results.