Now that I am moving ahead with my Project I also slept with Rashmi Verma a new twist in the tale has started .I have Deepak Gattani and his Rapport Group who are producing the project and in have jumped Rashmi Sharma productions who I was talking to about making a web series from the said book almost a year back .With the recent PR effort jointly done by me and my friend Ashish Parashar . The PR releases where spotted by my old friend Anuj who had invited me to pitch my story to Rashmi Sharma productions as he worked with them.

They now want to buy the rights of the book , as they see the market hotting up . So now I have a few decisions to make who to sell the rights of the book , for how much or look at some other option . One I can sell the rights of the book to the highest bidder simple that is a pure price game pay me more and take the right of the book.

Or ask them to join hands with Rapport Group and it’s team  come together and collaborate , put in half the money of the total 1 cr. Project  , let a member for your project team be a part of the Rashmi Verma Project . That way we pool in man power money and resources  and enhance the project.

After all it was Deepak Gattani who suggested the Uninterrupted Digital Web Movie Format in the first place . Rashmi Verma productions just want to make a web-series  episodic wise , so the Uninterrupted movie format has a larger scale and a larger vision along with that it will have a lasting value and pay royalty and have a greater repeat value .So it will pay over a long period of time.

The decision then is. clearly whether to go for price or for creative value , scale and long term revenue viability.

I would go for collaboration and larger scale ……….