How To Make money Selling E Books Online.

Making money on eBooks is a simple volumes game , the more you write , the more topics and genre you write about the more ebooks you launch the more prospect’s you have to make money and the greater your revenue stream , its that simple . Write more earn more thats the basic mantra and their is no other. Catch to it . Sure you have to supplement your writings with a good cover page , more descriptive outlays and better quality photographs . Yes your editing and copy has to be good and of a high standard . Yes you need a great back cover that clearly describes what your book is all about . Yes you need ISBN numbers to protect your books content and copyrights  .Yes. you need great videos to promote your new e book and spell pout what it’s about and how can it help it’s readers  .Yes you need good reviews and great applause form book lovers and critics  to sell more books s.Yes you need the right key words to tag your ebook . Yes you need your e book to be available at broader platforms KDP , google play , iTunes , pay hip , Ingramspark , Create-space , Lulu etc .

The Key is Volume writing

All this is fine but the basic the most fundamental core to making money on self published online ebooks  is writing , yes writing more words , more pages makes for more e books makes for tiger revenues it’s that simple write more earn more , write less earn less .More volume of your writing the more you earn . Remember philosophers like OSHO wrote over 650 books over a life time .Thats more then thirty books a year .Each book with a differ style and topic with about 150 to 200 pages each . Now thats volume and he wrote on every topic under the sun . Those are the volumes I am talking about that is the quality and quantity of writing one has to do to succeed in the self-publishing space . More you write the more you earn , just forget everything else , cut all the crap out . Just write and make hot. Fast , the faster you write the more you pages you can write more words per page more pages per hour , thats the name of the game at the very core fo ti all , its that simple .

Professional E Book Writer

2000 words a day every day thats the mantra and goal for beginners to have , you need to write everyday non stop period that should be your discipline , do it consistently , every post neatly crafted and researched with heading , subheadings , pointers and pictures . Do it for a year religiously . Considering average length of an e book is 20,000 words  That translates to 36 e books a year . Now thats the. Pace of your writing you need to have . To write. 2000 words a day you will need to spend 4 hours just writing , 2 hours on research and 2 hours on thinking having cups of tea and coffee . That’s a 8. Hour work day , you need to do this every day on an on and on non stop . That along with time for Photography and videography also to promote your e books .That is a top class professional e book writer and thats the speed and volume of writing he should aspire for at the end of the day and year . Once you get that pace and speed you will achieve success and start making decent. Money through amazon , google and Ingramspark . If. You are not playing the volumes game you will be left out . Remember their is one e book new title upload every 5 min on amazon KDP .  95%. Of  self published e book authors do not make money selling e books .If you do not get your writing speed to this level and volume , you are just praying to succeed praying that one or two books will hit the jackpot and pull the sales of your others books .So volumes above all is the name of the game if you. Want to make money. On e books .

Cost of checking and Uploading your e book

You need a backend team support who maintain your blog/website , they should have a system in place like an assembly line system . One man designs the front and back e book covers , the  other collates the pages of the ebook and inserts the pictures appropriately . Then you need a guy to check the content for zero errors . Lastly you need some one to upload it on the platforms , in e pub or other formats , and also convert out into paper back form . This is a cost and the lower the cost the higher the profits it’s that simple .The team should be able top upload more then 36 e books a minimum . My current team says they can do 4 e books a month thats a good pace to have when you launch your e books .

Bulk Review

Keep this to no less then Rs 500 per review , buy reviews in bulk from book bloggers and pay them on a volume basis .The more bought reviews at cheaper cost the better .Buy bulk reviews and spread them around on Goodreads etc .

Buy ISBN’s in Bulk

You should buy ISBN’s in bulk may be in pack of 10’s that will keep the cost down to Rs 700 or so per ISBN . Again bulk gives you cheaper rates .

The key to success is write write write the more you write the more you make the more you profit its that easy to crack the e book game .