With the explosion in the digital movie space actors are spoiled for choose and may have many makers approach them with scripts and parts. So how does one choose the role and decide on what parts to play and what to reject. We’ll one is the feel of the role does the character and his nuances excite the actor. The money and the director are important things to look for.

But above all the actor must take a dip stick and ask his/her fans if they should do a particular role or take up an offer. With social media a live video chat with their fans can give them a clue as to a particular part fits the bill. Do a live chat with the fans and ask them if they would like to see their star in and as a particular character. Fans are your best critic and your only big support system in this wild and bad bad world of Bollywood, if one needs to survive and move ahead make sure you keep growing that fan base and listen to their opinions the most regarding doing a particular film or not.