Crowdfunding Travel Portal NOW in India

Hello, people, I am happy to associate with HelpTrip. This is a unique and first of a kind crowdfunding platform that I have decided to support and partner with. For as low as Rs 100 or Rs 250, one can enter the funding pool. With the click of a link, you can pay the entry fee through PayTM and register. On a given date, a wheel is spun and the winner is announced who gets to go to an all-paid luxurious 5-star holiday all for just a 100 bucks or so.

The concept will help people to travel more and encourage others to do the same. I have decided to support HelpTrip and prominently put their logos on my blog for this initiative as their system is transparent and unique. Also, the spinning of the wheel and the entire concept will help those with little money to travel.

So go ahead, enter the crowdfunding pool and win an all-paid exclusive five-star luxury holiday all through

Click HERE to know more about HelpTrip.