Lakshadweep movie producer Aisha Sultana today said that she has not done anything against the country and will battle until the Association Domain gets equity.
The movie producer has been called by the Kavaratti Police on Sunday for cross examination according to Area 41A CrPC notice after a protest was enlisted against her by Lakshadweep BJP’s unit president Abdul Khader.
“I’ll help out the police of Lakshadweep. They have requested that I show up tomorrow. I trust I will get equity. I have not done anything against the country. I’ll battle until Lakshadweep gets equity,” she said.
‘She has essentially planted seeds of dissidence in the personalities of individuals’
Sultana’s “Middle utilized Coronavirus as a bio-weapon against individuals of Lakshadweep” comment during a news banter on a Malayalam Television slot started a line after which a FIR was stopped against her with charges of subversion and disdain discourse.
On Thursday, the Kerala High Court conceded between time expectant bail for seven days to the producer and saved its last request.
During the consultation, counsel for Lakshadweep Organization had gone against Aisha’s bail supplication saying “the pardon of her having given an expression of remorse ought not be engaged.”