After some great adventures, romance and animals at Kenya reached Maputo in the land of Mozambique.

This is a country that has an AK47 in it’s flag and stuff can get exciting here a bit! I checked into the Villa Das Mangas situated in the town centre.

 It is a sea port of significance and was a Portuguese colony granted freedom in the early 1970s.

I was exhausted from my journeys and the first couple of days was just recuperation around the hotel.

This is where I also bumped into some exciting yet large ladies from South Africa (Maputo Girls) and had a pool side dance party.

But I still was not able to get a feel for the city, until I met this 62 year old Swiss man Hans.

I was just hanging around the pool when this Gentle giant  smiled at me “ you seem to be enjoying yourself .” he said with a smile . I said “ well life has been hell in the past , I deserve to have some fun.”

After the usual introductions we sat down for a beer and I explained him about my concept of my Travelthon. “ It sounds very interesting , so you want to shower the world with all your love .” he remarked!  “ Life has not been kind to me in the past Hans , after my fathers unexpected Murder , I was down and out and I have just about got back on my feet. I had started looking for a job , but no one would give me one , since the issue was highlighted in the media .”

 I said with some sadness in my tone . “ Well i don’t think it was for personal reasons, I think people where not sure whether you would be able to perform in your job well , since the incident would constantly haunt you and would be playing in your mind .” he took a swig from his beer and we retired after some general discussion to our rooms for the night .

We struck a friendship together and decided to take  a trip around the city . We got hold of a tuk tuk and zoomed around  the town.

Visiting the train station, the museum, the parks and the restaurants. At the Museum I stopped for a smoke outside and suddenly our tuk tuk was stopped by the local police.

I think they suspected I was smoking some herb instead of the regular tobacco. After checking my bag they realised it was only Marlboro.

 After that adventure the next day we decided to  walk to the ferry and goto the beach, after gulping down some sausage and prawn Hans suggested that we have dinner in a local Indian Restaurant called Galaxy and he had found the address through google maps.

“ But Indian food is spicy are you sure you can handle it?!” I asked. “ Well I had a co worker called Rasheed and he use to treat me to a lot of Indian curries , I have developed a taste for Indian cuisine . I also travelled extensively in indian during 1978 .

I travelled to Varanasi , Calcutta and Mumbai . I love your GOD’s and have found Indians to be very hard working and enterprising people. They have established great businesses wherever they have gone in the world and of course you guys are the masters of software .”

he said wiping off some tears which rolled down his cheeks . “ Why are you crying I asked, you haven’t started on the Indian curries yet.” and I gave him a tissue.

Well I think it is my allergies , their must be some pollen or dust in the air .” he said wiping his tears with the tissue I gave him. So with tears rolling down Hans’s eyes we headed back to the ferry it was getting late and the night was upon us.