Woke up cosy to hear the news that news That the Indian Government has come out with the committee which will be made up of volunteers who will monitor and identify social media posts that are running on the net . With the proliferation of Cyber Crime posts that attack the sovereignty and integrity of India , attack minorities , children and woman , relate to child abuse , terrorism , disturbing communal harmony will be monitored and removed . The Committee made of educated volunteers will be called Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre and it will deal with issues of Cyber Crime .

Anyone can register for the program but it is strictly volunteer based and no money is given to the volunteer .

‘One of the important objectives of I4C is to create an ecosystem that brings together academia, industry, public and government in prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of cyber crimes,’ a document of the home ministry said.

This programmed also envisages bringing together citizens with a passion to serve the nation on a single platform and contribute in the fight against cybercrime in the country .