As we see ourselves gripped by a violent COVID surge people are looking to each other to help out . Community actions like people turning unused school buses into oxygen posts or auto  drivers ferrying patients to the hospitals with oxygen cylinders and masks in toe , so that the patients have a better chance to live . Ambulances run shelter skelter with emergency patients from one hospital to other , there are no beds for tor the  choking Indian today and people die on footpaths and make shift shelters . Social media and videos on YouTube are full of personal grief and people crying out in pain as they are unable to save their family members due to acute shortage of oxygen , hospital beds and vaccines .

Nurses and doctors are in short supply and not at times fully trained to handle the traffic , all you see is doctors trying to restate patients but unable to save them . There are images of burins fires and morgues who are full up and over loaded with more than 400 bodies being burnt in cremation grounds .

People are using the social media to get nurses and oxygen masks and trying to get vaccines which are now being sold in the black market at ten times the price .It is safe to say that a tragedy fro some is an opportunity for another , thus COVID black marketing is on the rise and the police are trying to bust some of these black marketers .

All this as case tallies rise to 4 lakh plus everyday and deaths rise over 4k and the carnage continues . Social media posts get bitter as the gander of the people is rightfully directed at the BJP government of Mr Modi , the surge of COVID has lead to dwindling fortunes of the ruling party that lost elections in Bengal , Karla , Tamil Naidu and managed to win Assam by the whisker . It was trounced in the UP Panchayati elections by the rising BSP and SP parties and it’s key city of Varanasi is in shambles as people are dyeing by the hundreds due to a resurgent virus which is now also killing the young .

No government wants to hear bad news and this is a carnage  the courts are putting further pressure on the state and national government and agencies to act and make sure testing and vaccination continue at a smart pace . People are venting out their anger in open on twitter and social media castigating the government . The government response has been typical having these posts removed and accounts banned anyone who raises his voice will be muzzled and taken to task .

Where social media has helped in joint community action and has helped in the crisis the government is hell bent on censoring dissent and criticism by gagging social media and putting pressure on providers to take off anti government posts saying this is false news and will insight hate and disharmony in the society .This is their response speaking your mind and expressing your grief is treason now and you never know when the cops will come knocking for you , just look at Kangana Ranaut .

We need no succumb to this if they remove posts repost them on other social media handles . You can also ask your social media site why your post was removed and contact them to reinstate your account , don’t take this censorship lying down remember your voice is you very own weapon and you have a right to express your views .