The translator app can be downloaded through the google play app store. This can be used to translate text, voice and also you add pictures. The translator gives translations in 109 languages. It is a best-suited application for tourists who are travelers and enjoy traveling to different countries and exploring cultures. The translator can be a great help in getting you by a foreign land. All you have to do is speak your sentence through your mobile mike and it will get translated into the desired language, by pressing the speak button. You can make it be heard to a local man or woman who will understand your question and then speak the answer or write the answer down. That way you can get by a country smoothly without knowing the local language. The translator helps you do that with ease and the cost is Rs 810 fee per week. The first seven days are free and then you pay a weekly fee to run and use the app, both the speech and test feature.

The translator can also translate test up to 5000 characters at one go and help translate webpages and even complex ebooks. It can also be used to translate mp3 audio speech or diction, again in no time at all. But as the translator is the machine and an AI that is forever improving by making mistakes, it is still lacking the human touch. A human can translate much better as it knows where the right word fits and what the context of the sentence or paragraph is. This is where AI makes mistakes and you get absurd sentences that are out of context and mean something totally different then what is being said. It can be used for short text may era short paragraph or so but not for long text content, only if strapped for cash this can be an option because of the speed of execution.

Idiom app is something that I have been exploring as well it is meant to build your English speaking and writing skills and helps you make sense of words and different meanings. They also test you and score you on how much you have learned on the app, a fun way to improve your spoken and written English. It will make you improve on your boring text and watts’ app messages and refine your communication in a professional environment. Again here the first week is free and after registering one has to pay Rs 810 per week as a charge to use the app and take advantage of its features, you have three levels beginner, intermediate and advanced deeding on the skill you want to get at.

These along with Grammarly, google docs are important apps to use for your day to day working as well. For video, the duo app and the zoom app are best suited for meetings and live presentations along with Skype.