Now that I have started editing work on my Pandemic Saga the only way to do it effectively is through collaborative tools. I can work with my editor who is at a remote location through Google Docs. It’s a simple and free app and has been given away for free by Google so that business can work from home in a more productive manner. It’s simple you can upload words documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, and forms and work together on the same file, making changes on a single file. You can re-list and edit if a new idea has come up that ay it facilitates teamwork. The files are stores in google drive, you can buy more storage space on the drive as you go along as it can be used to store photos an images and video’s as well.

The process is simple to upload a file and make corrections as you go along. It keeps saving as you work on the documents and also provides editing cue’s and spell and grammar correction options. Basically all the formatting and insertions can be made here. It also has things like highlights and footnotes that one can use to highlight or suggest changes to certain lines. I would especially recommend this to authors and book editors as a productivity tool.

You can simply plug in the email of the person that you are collaborating with and they will get the document link which can be opened and work can be done on the same file in tandem.

ShareIt, It is another file-sharing app that is used to share files and photo’s along with an app called We Share that is used to share heavy files like audio and visual files