Now if you go and sell your new e book with you will be selling them through Kindle which is known company . You can also exclusively sell your book though the Kindle Select Program .Here you get to be part of Kindle free promotions and your book will begin away free or as a discount whenever kindle runs a promotional program , plus you will be eligible for 70% royalty instead of the 35% you would get selling non exclusively through kindle. As part of the exclusive KDP select program you will be part of the vast Kindle library and will get payed even for the number of pages that are read of your book through KULL program. All this is fine but you will have to compromise your exclusivity , it means you accent distribute or sell your book through any other online channel. Also your price is restricted between $2.99 and $9.99 you cannot sell your book at a higher price , even if the content is knowledgeable and very helpful for your reader ,Their is a price restriction which you may not want to go through . One has to consider these facts before going exclusively with KDP select.

KDP select and is very strict about this and if your book is being sold online at any other platform they will remove it from the KDP elect list after giving you an ultimatum as they did with my Travel Bawarchi book. For me I prefer to go non exclusive as it gives me with in distribution and I also have full pricing control.
So next time keep all these factors in mind when you think about going exclusive and non exclusive in your publishing deals .